Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Flexible eating & new gym plan!

True words!
Ive recently hit a wall with weight loss and have decided to stop going to Slimming World. Reason being I seemed to get stuck with the scales and then got very unmotivated and down about it. People who know me probably know I tend to go around in circles when it comes to weight loss, or it may seem I am.
Ive learnt so much over the years, yet I still stop myself from achieving what I want. Its very frustrating.
I keep telling myself to stop getting so hung up on the scales as it doesn't define me does it? But its not that easy when the last 5 years its what I've lived by. Sad but true.

So the week after I quit Slimming World I went and booked an appointment with a PT at my local gym. We went through everything, and I mean EVERYTHING and he told me a few home truths about my diet. Basically I binge. I binge when I'm alone, when I'm sad or angry. I let food control me.
He said that in order to break this habit I've got to take control and start making changes otherwise id be going around in circles for the rest of my life. Which is not something I want to be doing! I want to be able to have a good relationship with food.
 We had a good chat and he's given me a new goal to go by, thats getting fit and losing body fat. Not focusing on my weight but body fat. He took my stats etc and my body fat is a shocking 42%.
My first and ultimate goal now is to get that down. This will mean me changing the foods I eat.
I tend to eat a lot of pasta, crisps, bread and processed food. I do cook good clean meals a few times a week too but not always. This is now going to be my priority.
I will be making time to cook meals and make my lunches rather than grabbing something processed.
Im not going to make drastic changes straight away, but I am going to adapt a flexible way of eating clean. It will be flexible as I can still have a few treats, bread or some pasta as a treat but not everyday. So this is going to be my way forward for the time being.

We also went through a new training plan for me. I do really enjoy exercising and its just part of my life now. But to see results he said I need to change things up a bit, give my body a bit of a shock and hopefully if I work hard enough with a good diet the results will speak for themselves.
Im now aiming to workout 3-4 times a week. This is broken down into 2 days cardio, 2 days weights. He expressed how important weights were so I've taken note and have started lifting!
Ive always been crazy for cardio, always wearing myself out but not seeing the best results, so hopefully with weights incorporated too i'll start to see my body shape change for the better :)

Im really not going to get hung up on the scales anymore. I just want to focus on being happy and healthy and having a good body rather than that number on the scale!



  1. thats great you had a good session with PT I have been considering doing the same as losing focus with weightwatchers and just dont seem to be able to get back into it. PT sessions are always handy for keeping yourself motivated are you going to have anymore?

    1. I found him amazing. He was honest and blunt with me and made me realise only I can make it happen. Its definately got me motivated! I plan on seeing him once a month to keep me focused.
      Thanks for the follow :)


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