Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weight talk Wednesday: My first weigh-in at Slimming World

My first week on Slimming World has gone pretty well, I think. I chose to do the 'extra easy' plan instead of red or green days as it seemed the easiest to follow. When I got home last week I felt a bit confused over it, but after sitting down and reading through it all it started making sense.

I stuck to simple and easy meals for the past week as I didn't want to complicate things by completely changing what I ate, or overwhelming myself with trying to make new meals as I'm not the best in the kitchen lol.
This is what I've been having:

Ive enjoyed porridge with fresh fruit, jam on toast, a cooked breakfast, eggs (scrambled or boiled) and protein pancakes.

My lunches have been either left overs from the previous nights dinner or baked pots with beans, chicken salad and on Sunday I made a lovely roast chicken dinner.

My evening meals have been delicious and I've really enjoyed making them. Ive made spicy pasta with chicken, steak with roasted veg, chicken and baked pot, spicy pulled pork with wedges and homemade beef burgers. Ive felt completely satisfied and haven't felt the need to eat anything after dinner all week which is great progress for me!

Few pics of my eats.....

Ive mainly snacked on fruit, and didn't feel the need to snack a lot as my main meals kept me satisfied. I did have a few syns each day, I think the most I had was 13 in one day which is still pretty low. I used syns for yogurts, roasties, garlic bread, jam and brown sauce(with my breakies).

Lots of lovely food has been consumed and I lost 2.5lb tonight at my first weigh-in. Im feeling really happy and positive and hope it continues into my second week.

Going forward into week 2 I plan on adventuring into the kitchen and making a curry at the weekend from Slimming Worlds 'Curry Heaven' book which I bought in class this evening. Im also wanting to make  egg custard tarts and key lime pie at the weekend.
My aim is to lose 1.5lb this week, so wish me luck.

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  1. 2.5lb is fab, well done x


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