Saturday, 2 August 2014

Slimming World

I went back to my local Slimming World class last Wednesday.
It was a bit nervous going into class but as always my leader Sharon was very welcoming and put me at ease.
I stayed for the body image talk and picked up some great meal ideas, my favourite being the bbq pulled pork which you can buy from Tesco (frozen) for just £3.50. Its completely free on extra easy too :) I've decided to stick to extra easy as it really is the most simplest plan to follow.

I was mortified when I stepped on the scale. I really didn't think id weigh as much as I did. I was totally shocked and gutted. I left class and cried all the way home. 

When I got in, I sat down and made a list of reasons why I'm doing this and why I want to change.  I want to feel good about myself and love my body, as every woman should. I recognise I've gone around in circles the past 5 years, and I refuse to do this any longer. 
I've felt so low about my body in the past few months. There are parts I like, but more parts that I hate and this needs to change. I want to love all of it. So this is what i'll be working on along with losing weight.

So far this week Ive made some lovely meals and I've enjoyed every one. I need to keep eating a variety so that I don't get bored though, as that happens pretty quick with me.
I've tried out some quorn products this week, the quorn burgers and mexican spicy bean burger. Both were tasty and filling, will definately use these going forward. 
I'm enjoying posting my food pics on Instagram too!

A shopping trip to Cardiff yesterday made me realise that I want to be able to just pick out what I want to wear, rather than buying clothes that just fit. I am sick of it. I will get there though.

I shall leave you with some pictures from this week. 

Monday, 9 June 2014


Apologies for the recent hiatus. It wasn't intentional. Life just got in the way!

How is everyone doing? Even though I've not been posting on here, i've still been mooching around and reading your blogs :)

So whats been going on I hear you ask? Well, i've been one busy bee!
Since my last post in April (shocking) I have since been on holiday and our friends got married whilst we were there.
We went to Rhodes, Greece for two weeks and it was lush! 29 of us altogether and we had a great time! The weather was fab, company was great and we had a ball :)

My beautiful family <3
I ate and drank a LOT, and surprisingly only gained 7lb. For anyone who knows me well will know thats a real low gain, Ive been known to put on 10-12lb on past holidays. So 7lb I was more than happy with!

Now that the holiday is over, its time to get back into routine and start shedding the pounds.
Ive been in a bit of a rut (again!) with losing weight. Part of me just cannot be arsed anymore, then I don't like what I see or feel uncomfortable in my clothes and I realise I do want to lose weight.
I gave Slimming World another go from March to May and I lost 11lb and it was going well, but then I got bored. I always get bored! I just didn't want to pay to go to a class anymore and then I just stopped following the plan.
I really didn't want to continue paying per week for someone to weigh me. I know sometimes it does help to go to a class but it just wasn't for me at that time.

I have now decided to try out the 5:2 fasting plan. I have another holiday in 12 weeks and I want to shift a few pounds. Ive been reading all about it and it seems very do-able. The fact that I can eat without counting calories on 5 days out 7 really appeals to me. Obviously I won't go crazy on the non-fast days but it will be nice to not have to count! The two days I've decided to fast on are a Tuesday and Thursday. These days i'll be consuming no more than 600 calories. Sounds drastic, but after checking out what I can eat for that amount of calories Im confident i'll be fine.
My weigh day is a Friday am and this is my first week. I'll keep you posted!

Exercise wise I'm back running and I'm enjoying it. Its been a struggle though as I've pretty much had to start from scratch again, but I'm upto 3.5km and I'm sure in the coming weeks i'll improve even more. Im also doing two weight sessions a week and a kettle bell class every other week. I'll continue this for as long as I'm enjoying it. My main focus is primarily running over the next few months.

Mmmmm what else have I been upto? Ohhhh I took my girl to her first concert two weeks ago to see Little Mix in Cardiff. She loved it! They were awesome live and put on a really good show. We had fab seats and had a great view of them.

Waiting for Little Mix

Ive had a few nights out here and there with friends too which have been fun. Surprisingly though my summer is looking quiet! Im sure that will change in the very near future :)

What do you have planned this summer? I can't wait to spend my evenings out the garden and my weekends with family & friends <3 Lets hope the sun will shine for us all!

Monday, 7 April 2014

12 girls, 1 hen, a bonking sheep and a butler in the buff!

Hen party, Birmingham.

Yip, the title pretty much sums up my weekend and what a good one it was.
My lovely friend Camille had her hen party this past Saturday where we spent the night in Birmingham.

We started at her house at 11am, and straight away the drinks started flowing and the party games started.
Id arrange a party bus for our transport there and back but it broke down that morning, sadly we couldn't have it and they sent a monster hummer limo in its place. Bit disappointed if I'm honest but we still had lots of fun in the big limo.

We took 4 hours to get to Birmingham, with the obligatory wee stops haha! By the time we arrived we were all so drunk as we'd been drinking all the way up.
We went straight to check in, get changed and then waited for our taxi to Cams cousins apartment. As Camille's getting married in Rhodes next month we had a greek theme, and all dressed as Greek Goddesses' for the night.
We headed over to her cousins apartment and was greeted by a butler in the buff. What a scream! We didn't see that coming at all! Her lovely cousins had arranged everything that end and Camille was as shocked as the rest of us haha.
After many games, shots and more drinking we then went onto a lovely Greek restaurant called Athens. We had lovely food there, my steak was the best I've ever tasted! They had belly dancers and greek dancing and it was so much fun. At one point we were all in the street smashing plates and dancing. It was great! We continued to drink and dance there as it had a dance floor and dj once food had finished.
Sadly Id had too much to drink and by 11.30pm I was ready to go so I headed back to our hotel. I didn't sleep a wink that night due to the alcohol had made me ill (as usual).

We headed home on Sunday lunchtime, all giggling and talking about the night before. I felt rough as on the way home, ooff!

Overall it was such a fun weekend and I cant wait to go to Rhodes next month for their wedding! 5 weeks and counting :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Flexible eating & new gym plan!

True words!
Ive recently hit a wall with weight loss and have decided to stop going to Slimming World. Reason being I seemed to get stuck with the scales and then got very unmotivated and down about it. People who know me probably know I tend to go around in circles when it comes to weight loss, or it may seem I am.
Ive learnt so much over the years, yet I still stop myself from achieving what I want. Its very frustrating.
I keep telling myself to stop getting so hung up on the scales as it doesn't define me does it? But its not that easy when the last 5 years its what I've lived by. Sad but true.

So the week after I quit Slimming World I went and booked an appointment with a PT at my local gym. We went through everything, and I mean EVERYTHING and he told me a few home truths about my diet. Basically I binge. I binge when I'm alone, when I'm sad or angry. I let food control me.
He said that in order to break this habit I've got to take control and start making changes otherwise id be going around in circles for the rest of my life. Which is not something I want to be doing! I want to be able to have a good relationship with food.
 We had a good chat and he's given me a new goal to go by, thats getting fit and losing body fat. Not focusing on my weight but body fat. He took my stats etc and my body fat is a shocking 42%.
My first and ultimate goal now is to get that down. This will mean me changing the foods I eat.
I tend to eat a lot of pasta, crisps, bread and processed food. I do cook good clean meals a few times a week too but not always. This is now going to be my priority.
I will be making time to cook meals and make my lunches rather than grabbing something processed.
Im not going to make drastic changes straight away, but I am going to adapt a flexible way of eating clean. It will be flexible as I can still have a few treats, bread or some pasta as a treat but not everyday. So this is going to be my way forward for the time being.

We also went through a new training plan for me. I do really enjoy exercising and its just part of my life now. But to see results he said I need to change things up a bit, give my body a bit of a shock and hopefully if I work hard enough with a good diet the results will speak for themselves.
Im now aiming to workout 3-4 times a week. This is broken down into 2 days cardio, 2 days weights. He expressed how important weights were so I've taken note and have started lifting!
Ive always been crazy for cardio, always wearing myself out but not seeing the best results, so hopefully with weights incorporated too i'll start to see my body shape change for the better :)

Im really not going to get hung up on the scales anymore. I just want to focus on being happy and healthy and having a good body rather than that number on the scale!


Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekend Adventure!

This past weekend myself and hubby went away for the one night. We stayed at The Hotel Penwig in Quay West, Mid Wales. It was a lovely little 8 roomed B&B with a pub below and gorgeous views over the harbour.

The room was gorgeous and just what you would expect in a little seaside town. We were lucky enough to have a room with three windows all looking over the sea and harbour. I loved the little touches like toiletries, tea/coffee making facilities and cookies.
Our room

We got down there mid afternoon and after checking in we went for a wonder around the town. There were your usual seaside gift shops full of tat but also some cute little surf shops and boutiques. They also had a £1.20 shop which id never heard of before!
We then went back to the pub and sat outside with a nice cold beer watching the world go by :)

Later that evening we went to a restaurant called The Wellington just around the corner. It was a lovely old fashioned traditional pub with full beams and brass decor. The food was all home-cooked and they had an amazing selection of meals! There were around 8 special boards as well as a good menu selection. We both had starters which we shared.

We were so hungry and was glad that our main wasn't too long after the starters! I chose Salmon and Prawn En-Croute and Jp chose Hot and Kickin' Garlic Chicken. Both meals were huge and this picture doesn't do it justice. It was delish! We had some garlic bread on the side too. Needless to say we struggled!
Main course

Wine went down lovely :)

We had a few drinks and a great time. It was so nice just the two of us, we have a really good laugh together.
What I wore: Tartan dress from Simply Be, Black leggings from New Look and Black biker jacket from DP's.
Love <3

We headed home on Sunday morning after breakfast, back to our girl. Then continued to enjoy the day by celebrating Mothers Day. I went to see my mam and nana and Jps parents came around in the afternoon. 

I had some gorgeous gifts which include a bottle of my fave red wine, flowers, Bomb Cosmetics 'Pretty in Pink' set and a mum candle <3

It was a fantastic weekend! :)

Hope all you yummy mums had a good one too!


Sunday, 2 March 2014

WTW: In full swing with Slimming World

Apologies that this wasn't posted Wednesday, but I've been so busy with work going on around our house. My blog has been neglected the past two weeks but hopefully i'll get back into the swing of things now.

Anyways here I am. I am so pleased with how Slimming World is going for me. Im not sure if its because I'm determined to lose weight now or if the plan just fits into my life better this time, but whatever it is its working.

Ive really enjoyed cooking all my meals from scratch this past week. I know its only my second week but I'm not bored at all, which can only be a good thing right?
I made 4 recipes out of this months SW magazine and all were filling and delicious! I'll share some pics of what I made further in the post.
Although id stuck to plan 100% again this week I didn't feel like id lost much to be honest. With TOTM looming I thought I may have lost a pound or stayed the same.
I was absolutely gobsmacked when I stood on the scales and the lady said id lost 5.5lb!!!! First thing I did was swear, oops but that was just the shock! I wasn't going to stay to class as we were going out for my anniversary, but I had to after that. I can safely say I smashed my first target of 7lb!
I really enjoyed the talk afterwards especially as I got to share all the lovely foods id made.
Not only did I have my half stone award, but I also had slimmer of the week. Chuft! Im still over the moon and I'm so grateful for all the support not only from my class but from friends too :)

Here are some of the lovely meals I've made this week:

Piri Piri chicken bake with wedges and fruit salad

Roasted chilli and tomato pasta bake

My favourite weekend breakfast:roast salmon with scrambled egg & spinach

                   Tandoori chicken starter and beef kofta curry from SW Curry Heaven book

Weekday breakfasts have been porridge with a blob of nutella and fruit

My awards!

The past week I've also started running again. I have found it quite hard but I know in time it will get easier again. Its mad how quick you can lose your fitness, but also how quick you can build it back up. Im aiming to run 2-3 times a week again and hopefully be back to running long distances again. I intend on doing the Swansea 10k again this year, so will need to get my distance up in preparation for that.

Im now going into my 3rd week I plan to just keep doing what I'm doing. Im aiming to lose 1lb next week but if I'm honest i'll be surprised if I don't stay the same after this weeks loss. I'll be happy either way!

Ive had a busy week overall. Our house is finally getting back to normal since we had a leak which is nice and it was our 3rd year wedding anniversary this week. We went out to a lovely Italian restaurant and I ate ALL the carbs! I slept well that night haha!

Ive also started getting back into a skincare routine as the past few weeks its gone to the wayside and its definately showing in my skin. So Ive stocked up on the Liz Earle products that I love and I'm getting back into cleansing, toning, moisturising and using a weekly face mask.
I was really impressed with my Liz Earle order this month, as a valued customer they sent me two lots of freebies, first being a travel size cleanser with muslim cloth and a 100ml pump bottle cleanser with muslim cloth in a cute little bag. Very impressed! I absolutely love their products and id never change now. I'll have to do an updated skincare post in the coming weeks.

If theres anything you'd like to read about/want to know please let me know.

Until next time.....


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weight talk Wednesday: My first weigh-in at Slimming World

My first week on Slimming World has gone pretty well, I think. I chose to do the 'extra easy' plan instead of red or green days as it seemed the easiest to follow. When I got home last week I felt a bit confused over it, but after sitting down and reading through it all it started making sense.

I stuck to simple and easy meals for the past week as I didn't want to complicate things by completely changing what I ate, or overwhelming myself with trying to make new meals as I'm not the best in the kitchen lol.
This is what I've been having:

Ive enjoyed porridge with fresh fruit, jam on toast, a cooked breakfast, eggs (scrambled or boiled) and protein pancakes.

My lunches have been either left overs from the previous nights dinner or baked pots with beans, chicken salad and on Sunday I made a lovely roast chicken dinner.

My evening meals have been delicious and I've really enjoyed making them. Ive made spicy pasta with chicken, steak with roasted veg, chicken and baked pot, spicy pulled pork with wedges and homemade beef burgers. Ive felt completely satisfied and haven't felt the need to eat anything after dinner all week which is great progress for me!

Few pics of my eats.....

Ive mainly snacked on fruit, and didn't feel the need to snack a lot as my main meals kept me satisfied. I did have a few syns each day, I think the most I had was 13 in one day which is still pretty low. I used syns for yogurts, roasties, garlic bread, jam and brown sauce(with my breakies).

Lots of lovely food has been consumed and I lost 2.5lb tonight at my first weigh-in. Im feeling really happy and positive and hope it continues into my second week.

Going forward into week 2 I plan on adventuring into the kitchen and making a curry at the weekend from Slimming Worlds 'Curry Heaven' book which I bought in class this evening. Im also wanting to make  egg custard tarts and key lime pie at the weekend.
My aim is to lose 1.5lb this week, so wish me luck.

Until next time.........